Under the rules of Incorporation, the MIAMA Governing Committee shall be a committee of not less than seven (7) members who are elected from the Mount Isa region on an annualcustom writing service uk basis. No elected officer of the association shall be an employee of the association.

MIAMA is established under the Aboriginal Associations Act.

The Governing Committee is the highest authority in the organisation . The Governing Committee has governance responsibilities in accordance with the Act. However, the Governing Committee does run MIAMA properly and effectively with the help of management and staff.

The Governing Committee meets as often as necessary and at least 4 times a year to discuss, assess and review the activities Purchase Cheap aciphex 20 mg generic and services of MIAMA. The Governing Committee approves the budget, maintains and reassesses strategic directions, provides leadership and community input into all of the programs provided by MIAMA.

The Governing Committee is responsible to manage and control the affairs of the Association, including the power to appoint and remove or suspend employees and agents and Order to determine the powers, duties and payment of employees and agents.

The Governing Committee has a Code of Practice and adheres to the Management & Staff Roles Order coursework assistance Policy clearly laid out in the MIAMA Policy & Procedures Manual. The roles of Governing Committee members are also set out in the P & P Manual.

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