The Media Manager has responsibility for the management of MIAMA and the day-to-day operations of MIAMA. This includes staff supervision, working to implement the Business Plan, ensuring adherence to the Policy & Procedures, and coordinating generally in relation to the operation of MIAMA.

The Media Manager reports to the Governing Committee and provides mentoring, assists with strategic direction and promotion of MIAMA.

The Media Manager:

  • has the responsibility for implementing the decisions made by the Directors, regular feedback to Directors and staff and where requested provides written or verbal reports to the Governing Committee.
    prepares budgets and recommendations for expenditure that are submitted to the Governing Committee for approval.
    represents MIAMA on a day to day basis

The Governing Committee has a responsibility to be supportive of the Media Manager and to recognise that the Media Manager’s effectiveness is at least partially dependent on Governing Committee action or inaction.

While this responsibility will fall primarily on the Governing Committee Chair, every member of the Governing Committee is obligated to make sure that the Media Manager:

  • Receives constructive feedback
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  • Is recognized for implementing initiatives that add value to the fair program and online assignment online
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  • Receives Governing Committee support when individual members overstep their prerogatives or misunderstand their roles
  • Knows that the Governing Committee will not hold the Media Manager to a higher set of standards than it has set for itself.

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