The objects of Mount Isa Aboriginal Media Buy Association include: –

  1. To provide access to local radio programming to Aboriginal Community groups in the Mount Isa and Gulf Regional Council areas.
  1. To produce completed programmes on local Aboriginal and Community issues which can then be broadcast on other radio stations.
  1. To develop towards other forms of media such as television and print media, making these accessible to local Aboriginal Community groups.
  1. To provide training to Aboriginal people in various aspects of media, initially and specifically radio.
  1. To support the social development of its members in all ways.
  1. To help bring about the self-support of its members by the development of economic projects and industries.
  1. To support education, job training and work for its members.
  1. To help encourage its members to keep and renew their traditional culture.
  1. To help build trust and friendship between its members and other people.
  1. To participate with other Aboriginal Associations in projects of mutual benefit.
  1. To foster, develop, encourage and support Aboriginal people in all fields of media.

Membership of the Association is open to adult Aboriginal persons (and non-Aboriginal spouses) normally and permanently resident in the Mount Isa regional Buy cheap sominex review Council area or such other locations as the Committee determines from time to time.

Our Vision is to be a strong and creative team that maintains cultural diversity, by producing and presenting top quality material, though working together and for the community, and striving to be recognised as a strong Media force.
To provide an understanding of our diverse culture though an informative and interactive media service.

Education and training of all forms of Media.
To promote indigenous issues and talent in a culturally appropriate manner.
To implement culture heritage within a professional business environment.
ValuesWe value and respect:
  • The needs of the local community
  • Professional standard of services
  • Principles of equity, non-discrimination, diversity, respect, loyalty and awareness
  • Community contribution and participation
  • Governing Committee, management and co-workers for a valued contribution
  • Honest and open communication processes
  • Sharing knowledge to enhance essay-writing-service a team environment

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