MIAMA has 5 employees, with the current position being:

  • Media Manager
  • Administrative/Accounts Officer
  • Programme Manager/Broadcaster
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  • Broadcaster
  • Sponsorship Sales/Broadcaster

Volunteers are also used, primarily as Broadcasters. online coursework help The Media Manager is required to present monthly reports to the Governing Committee. Wages & on-costs account for some 68% of the total funds provided by the Government.

MIAMA holds regular staff (team) meetings. Roles and Responsibilities statements exist for all staff positions. A Policy & Procedures Manual Purchase has been produced and is maintained. All staff members are briefed on the manual on appointment and are notified in writing of any amendments, alterations or Cheap http://www.viameventos.com.br/?p=13011 custom writing.com additions as they occur. Copies of the Manual are held in each section and are available for access to staff at any time.

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